Thomas Risell also known as MarloweDK is a professional bass player and educator from Denmark. With nearly 100 thousand subscribers to his youtube channel, he's one of the most popular and influential bass guitar educators worldwide. Thomas released an instructional DVD and an app "Beginning Slap Bass" and is the founder of the on-line community for bass players


Gorny Music will host MarloweDK for a 3 hour bass workshop in Zürich for intermediate/advanced bass players where Thomas will cover the following topics:


  • How to groove and improvise basslines on the spot combining rhythm, simple scales and basic harmonic knowledge
  • Different electric bass playing techniques: slapstyle , fingerstyle, pickstyle
  • Working and syncing with a drummer (our best friend) or drummachine (our next best friend)
  • Improvising with blues licks, pentatonic scales and modes of the major scale (substitution of scales) for funk/rock/blues/pop fills and solos (we will play with backing tracks)
  • Demonstration of the different phrasing techniques for soloing and playing in general: hammer-ons, pullofs, bends, vibrato, trills etc.
  • Examples of the different tonal possibilities on your bass using hand placement and our basses volume/tonecontrols
  • Sheetmusic of the examples will be provided to you


Total teaching time: 3 hours.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced.

Price: 120 CHF


Saturday 31 October 2015 @ Falcone Sounds, Birmensdorferstr 150, 8055 Zürich

10:00 - 15:00 (including a lunch break and a coffee break).

Please bring your own bass guitar.


Seats are limited so be sure to SIGN UP EARLY!


Questions? Please contact us.


Bass guitar workshop with MarloweDK for intermediate/ advanced bass players


Sat, 31 October 2015, Zürich

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Birmensdorferstr 253, 8055 Zürich

tel +41 79 824 73 82